Here's a weird idea: Obesity is a disease of hunger and hunger management, not a disease of food and exercise management.

People will get angry about this because it clashes with their morality. They will say "diet and exercise worked for me, and it should work for you too, you just need to work harder".

Hunger is very hard to study. There is no unit of hunger that is comparable between individuals. How would you even "prove" this idea in a medical context? Nonetheless, I believe it.


Here's another way to deal with weird ideas: they come from someone's personal experience. You don't have to accept the idea as true, you just have to hear their experience. Someone once told me, after a divorce, "You should never fall in love too much". What does this even mean? It sounds so weird. But it was their experience. I take it to mean "Don't become emotionally dependant on another person"

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This is the same as holding unpopular opinions. Following social consensus is a safe way to navigate most of the time, but it will allow only incremental developments - https://binaryho.me/opinion/

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